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DWP Hires Miracle Lifestyle Guru Who Claims 95% Success Rate In Curing Mental Health Conditions!

July 18, 2015 Leave a comment

Oh for fucks sake why don’t we just start hiring witchdoctors. We have the NHS, and as pissed about as it that is where health should be treated, not the job centre. We don’t give NHS treatment under the threat of taking your income away. You won’t cure mental illness by threatening people.

So this cunt would be able to stop someone :

1) throwing herself off a bridge because if the bedroom tax
2) setting himself on fire due to rent arrears.
3) dying from diabetic ­ketoacidosis, penniless and alone, by a pile of CVs.

Forcing people with serious medical and mental health conditions into the hands of charlatans who will not cure them, but will then blame them and cut their income is not the way forward.

What next homoeopathy for broken legs….

And what is worse is the number of everyday people who agree with this shit because they somehow think it will get chavs into jobs that don’t exist….

DWP Hires Miracle Lifestyle Guru Who Claims 95% Success Rate In Curing Mental Health Conditions!

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Via Red Labour On Question Time, Iain Duncan Smith called Salma Yaqoob a liar when she said he’d put a £39 breakfast on expenses. Here’s the proof.

June 15, 2014 2 comments
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Vanguard News – November 2013, statement on Universal Credit

November 11, 2013 Leave a comment



How ministers respond


Major private-sector providers of public services have been found to be ripping us off: putting in invoices for work that wasn’t done. If someone was fixing your house, or whatever, and did that to you, what would you do? What do ministers do? They say once the business has been through a period of ‘corporate renewal’ (whatever that means), we’ll give them more work. Explain that.


Iain Duncan Smith’s Universal Credit programme has, as I predicted, run into massive problems and Duncan Smith is roundly criticised by Select Committees. What does the minister do? He says he’s changed the leadership of the programme and is improving its governance. That’ll do it.


Remember, you heard it here first; UC will fail; guaranteed.


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Short on social skills? Debrett’s to teach young jobseekers manners (at £1,000 a go)

September 15, 2013 Leave a comment



Cool they can send Prince Harry on this course.

Etiquette rule 1: Don;t wear Nazi regalia to parties.
Etiquette rule 2: Don;t get your cock out in front of strangers on a tax payer funded holiday.

F*ck knows how they will teach the Bullingdon Club manners!

Damn those child recipients of Fairy welfare payments

April 6, 2013 Leave a comment
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