A blog devoted to how contemporary UK politics has descended once again into “Kicking the Cat” using smoke mirrors, dodgy stats,  and rhetoric to blame the poorest and most vulnerable for the state of our economy and society.

As a matter of balance I will post those small but significant stories of victory…..

BTW.  I do not approve of kicking cats whether real or metaphorical!

Kicking the Cat is edited by a mildly left-leaning  cat lover.   The editor is a long term sufferer of depression. He has managed to work and / or study until the last couple of years. having succumbed to this stupid and misunderstood illness.  Currently going through the stressful, and paranoia inducing ESA claims procedure, he is trying to use his righteous anger against the morally repugnant  DWP ‘reforms’ or should that be deforms.  After making some progress towards recovery the WCA process appears to have set him back months of progress…  He was in all fairness treated well and fairly kindly during his interview.  But awaits to see if he has been treated fairly by the system.

Of course, ktc editor would rather use time and energy to get better, and not be presented with an assessment that is unfit for purpose, discriminatory, and assumes that all the things a person does to help themselves deal with illness and retain a sense of dignity can be used to force them into non existent jobs.

In effect having tajken years to even talk about his illness to even loved ones he finds he is increasingly forced to politicise it.  A feature not uncommon to human existence.

He is also trying to find moments of light, support brevity and solidarity, across the political spectrum, and away from the mainstream of politics and chattering classes.

He will continue to do things that help him get better (like walking, washing himself, smiling or blogging), even if it means that ATOS view these as indicating that he is capable of work.

ktc is hosted for free by WordPress and currently has no advertising income or anything, so represents the views of one depressed individual, and is not supported, or supportive or any left, right conspiracy.

  1. January 16, 2014 at 2:49 pm

    Well said that man! If there was a like button, I would be liking this a great deal. I can’t think why I’ve not looked at your About page before. It’s so comforting meeting/reading about someone in the same boat. Thank you for all the news items you send our way. And for the cartoons and images.

  2. January 16, 2014 at 2:59 pm

    Thank you. I hadn’t read this in a while. Written about 20 months ago. My thoughts still stand.

    Got put in the WRAG, which was the best I hoped for and have had positive support from my local JCO representative: got involved in some charity work and did a college course on education. These hopefully are leading in a new direction. But still taking each day at a time.

    I set up a much more whimsical site at


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