Petitions and Open Letters

People’s own Doctors to do Medical Examinations

Petition: Exclude Vulnerable Severe & Enduring Mental Health Sufferers from DLA Assessments in 2013

Atos: failing on disability benefit tests

Check whether your MP has signed EDM 1651

and the following page has contact details and a standard letter. petition on “Ian Duncan Smith, Maria Miller, David Cameron.: Stop supporting ATOS ORIGIN!”

e-petition: Petition to Abolish Work for your Benefit/Workfare Schemes in the UK

Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

We want to abolish work for your benefit/workfare schemes in the UK.

People selling their labour should be fairly remunerated for their work at the normal level paid for the tasks they perform and treated in the same way as a standard employee with full rights and representation if requested.

These are the basic rights of any worker in a modern democratic society.

Workfare is effectively forced labour and is therefore illegal in the UK.

e-petition: ATOS assessments

ATOS assessments

Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

We are concerned by reports of a high number of genuinely ill and disabled people, including those who are terminally ill, wrongly being declared fit for work by ATOS medical assessors.

These errors cause hardship and distress to some of the most vulnerable members of society and cost the tax payer large sums in appeals.

We therefore petition the government to look into the process of these medical assessments and ensure that the necessary changes are made to create a fair system that protects the sick and disabled.

Petition: Make Atos Healthcare a “public authority” for freedom of information purposes.

Responsible department: Ministry of Justice

The work of Atos Healthcare is almost entirely made up of providing a public service having been awarded DWP’s disability medical assessment work. And yet, the public has no recourse to examine how it uses the hundreds of millions of pounds it receives for doing work at the bidding of the DWP and its policies, despite this being the subject of parliamentary enquiry.

The Ministry of Justice should designate Atos Healthcare a public authority for the purposes of its work on medical assessments for DWP decision makers, including access to the LiMA system.

Petition: Get your MP to be a Mental Health Champion

From Rethink Mental Illness

Breaking news – we’ve helped make mental health a local priority!
We’ve worked with the Government to develop the new mental health framework that Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister is launching today. It is a major achievement! It puts us at the heart of making the NHS, councils, schools, employers and others take responsibility for improving mental health in their communities. And now it’s vital that you *get your MP to play their part* in ensuring this happens – here’s how you can help…

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