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Disabled anti-cuts campaigners take the fight to the Paralympic Games

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Activists to protest against sponsorship of the Games by Atos, the private firm that carries out government fitness-for-work tests


Johnny Void publishes bio of Chris Grayling

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Well worth reading particularly the man who puts everyone with illness through the dodgy and probably illegal WCA, in order to catch the estimated 0.5% benefits cheats.  Which if I recall is a lower percentage of morally dubious expenses claims by MPs.

“At one point Grayling claimed for two mortgages, one on his large family home in Surrey, just a short commuter trip from London, and another on his posh flat in Pimlico.  Grayling also owns two buy to let properties within the M25.  In 2005 he carried out extensive renovations on his Pimlico flat and to pay for them claimed almost close to the maximum annual allowance for MPs.  This wasn’t quite enough however and a year later he was back claiming thousands more for work done the previous year.  Had he not spread the cost over two years he would have been unable to claim the full amount.  He explained away this discrepancy by pleading that his “decorator has been very ill and didn’t invoice me until now.

How many have claimed benefits for acne for more than a decade?

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“However whether they are as “shocking” as the papers insist is more moot. A careful reading of the statistics shows that the figures can be difficult to interpret, particularly given the small numbers of people claiming some of the conditions mentioned in the headlines.”

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Are half of ‘sickness benefit’ claimants found fit finding work?

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Reactions to the BBC and Channel 4 documentaries on ATOS and the WCA

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Disabled people point to issue of ‘benefit scroungers’ as discrimination increases

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I presume that this will be because of all the compassionate conservatism about nowadays

Disabled people point to issue of ‘benefit scroungers’ as discrimination increases

31 July 2012

  • Almost half (46%) said people’s attitudes towards them have got worse over the past year
  • 73% experienced the assumption that they don’t work; 83% say coverage about benefits scroungers can negatively affect attitudes; 87% say benefit scroungers themselves have a negative effect on attitudes
  • ‘Scroungers’ tiny in number compared to genuine claimants
  • Scope: Paralympics once-in-an-lifetime opportunity to show positive stories that change the way people think about disability
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Rethink Mentall Illness’ annual review now out.

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“During 2011-12, we launched the first independent commission on schizophrenia, began providing services inside prisons, and Time to Change – our anti-stigma campaign run with Mind – got a £20 million funding boost.”

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