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Married gays to tour drought-hit countries

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The schizophrenia stereotype scares the sufferer too – Health News – Health & Families – The Independent

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Letters: Crass stigmatising of mental illness

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Letters: Crass stigmatising of mental illness

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Eric Pickles tells survivor of alleged child abuse: ‘Adjust your medication’ – UK Politics – UK – The Independent

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‘Mental patient’ fancy dress shows how deep offensive stereotypes go in society | Alastair Campbell

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‘Mental patient’ fancy dress shows how deep offensive stereotypes go in society | Alastair Campbell

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Thoughts on JK Rowling‘s Gingerbread views.^

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Rowling has recently written about the stigmatisation of single parents in the country, both past and present.


The first point is that there is a notable difference in reporting between Sky and The Guardian.

Sky, part of the deeply corrupt News International that has continued to exert its stain all over UK and the politics of other countries use the choice word handouts.  Quite an effort given how much of each article is a cut and paste from her writing in Gingerbread.

The second thought in response to a comment in the Guardian about why the Tories have never celebrated the story or stories of JK Rowling.  After all she is rags to riches story and has generated millions if not billions for the country, donated tonnes of money to charity (anyone remember the Big Society)  Fundamentally the Tories would never celebrate her books or charitable achievements because she has gone on record several times with statements that are pure anti Tory (Blue / Red or Orange)

In addition defeat of the pure-blood mania and its descent into outright evil in Potter is too close to the bone for the extreme right of a party that believes it deserves to rule (Magic is Might). *

Worse still would be the Tories leading themselves to highlighting parallels between characters

  • Fudge as Cameron / Gideon / Clegg / Cable
  • Umbridge as Gove / Shapps / IDS
  • Malfoy Snr as any Banker/ Donor (always popping into the Ministry)
  • Malfoy Junior as a Bullingdon Club Member and prototypical Tory boy
  • Rita Skeeter as Rebekah Brooks
  • Dementors (ATOS, Serco)
  • Slytherin as your prototypical public school / Tory boy breeding ground.
  • A deeply corrupt press (Daily Prophet), that is compliant to a corrupt government. But will turn when it suits its agenda.

I say XX as YY. Rather than YY as XX as the Potter books have greater reality to me than any of the twisted f*cks who somehow managed to scrape power and either continue with policies that screwed our economy or are borrowed from Neo-Fascist –sorry Neo-Liberal- failed experiments like Chili.

I know a lot have the view that adults reading Potter books is infantilising (would they say that about Pullman’s Dark Materials?).  People are entitled to hold this view.  However, in my experience is stated by people who have seen the films, and not read the books.  It also assumes a simplistic distinction between childhood, youth and adulthood.  I get both older and younger as I age.  The more time I spend with kids (through Volunteering with Young Carers) I am amazed about how novel they can be; but also about how rigid they can be.

I have a lot of time for the Potter books.  As a lifelong depression sufferer the Dementors speak volumes to me.  As do my experiences with the WCA and ATOS.  There also appears to be the influence of CBT in Rowling’s writing where characters struggle to turn things around in their own mind in order to move on.  I don’t identify with the three main characters. Yet Lupin speaks volumes to me.  I guess it’s something about the battle against stigma and the simple urge to pass on knowledge.

A previous post holds a damn fine quote from Rowling that exemplifies why the Tories would never embrace her as a British success story to celebrate.


Oh and she is also responsible for one of my favourite lines ever “Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon!”


See also

^ An earlier version of this was published on the Comments Section of the Guardian under the guise of sheephead73 (that user name is a long story)

* This is not to say the extreme Left Wing has not easily descended into evil.


JK Rowling attacks government as out of touch with poor people | Books |

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The coalition shouldn’t assume that there is no limit to public support for welfare cuts

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What, let gays get married? We must be bonkers – Comment – Voices – The Independent

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It will take more than PCC regulations to stop the bullying of trans people | Jane Fae

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