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Poor people still clinging to life, warns Iain Duncan Smith

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Newsflash: Lots of lazy bastards have jobs

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Lots of lazy bastards have jobs


THOUSANDS of bone idle people have full-time paid employment, it has emerged.



Proud to be sitting in a chair

As the government capped unemployment benefits and trumpeted its support for ‘hard workers’, lazy employed people have been left wondering where they stand in all this.

Sales manager Tom Booker said: “I pay my taxes but I certainly don’t work hard.

“Thanks to technology I can do the minimum required amount of work quickly, then spend the remaining six hours looking at music and pornography websites.

“Occasionally I have to give my subordinates a bollocking for behaving exactly as I do, but that’s about as stressful as it gets.”

Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “The inference seems to be that unemployed people are ‘shirkers’.

“But doing a job is often less hassle than trying to get one. Especially if you’re some sort of office manager, which basically amounts to babysitting adults.

“George Osborne also champions people who want to work hard. But these people do not exist.

“Humans like cake, telly and blow jobs. They’re a bit less keen on busting their arses.”

Political Sping on ATOS (from Crippin)

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Dilbert on Ethics

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Inspired by Britain’s success in the Olympics the Cabinet run their own sports event

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Script at and below.

Cut to Upperclass Twit of the Year sketch. The five competitors run onto the pitch.


Good afternoon and welcome to Hurlingham Park. You join us just as the competitors are running out onto the field on this lovely winter’s afternoon here, with the going firm underfoot and very little sign of rain. Well it certainly looks as though we’re in for a splendid afternoon’s sport in this the 127th Upperclass Twit of the Year Show. Well the competitors will be off in a moment so let me just identify for you. (close-up of the competitors) Vivian Smith-Smythe-Smith has an O-level in chemo-hygiene. Simon-Zinc-Trumpet-Harris, married to a very attractive table lamp. Nigel Incubator-Jones, his best friend is a tree, and in his spare time he’s a stockbroker. Gervaise Brook-Hampster is in the Guards, and his father uses him as a wastepaper basket. And finally Oliver St John-Mollusc, Harrow and the Guards, thought by many to be this year’s outstanding twit. Now they’re moving up to the starting line, there’s a jolly good crowd here today. Now they’re under starter’s orders … and they’re off! (the starter fires the gun; nobody moves) Ah no, they’re not. No they didn’t realize they were supposed to start. Never mind, we’ll soon sort that out, the judge is explaining it to them now. I think Nigel and Gervaise have got the idea. All set to go. (starter fires gun again; the twits move off erratically) Oh, and they’re off and it’s a fast start this year. Oliver St John-Mollusc running a bit wide there and now they’re coming into their first test, the straight line. (the twits make their way erratically along five white lines) They’ve got to walk along this straight line without failing over and Oliver’s over at the back there, er, Simon’s coming through quite fast on the outside, I think Simon and Nigel, both of them coming through very fast. There’s Nigel there. No. Three, I’m sorry, and on the outside there’s Gervaise coming through just out of shot and now, the position… (the twits approach a line of matchboxes piled three high) Simon and Vivian at the front coming to the matchbox jump.. three layers of matchboxes to clear… and Simon’s over and Vivian’s over beautifully, oh and the jump of a lifetime – if only his father could understand. Here’s Nigel … and now Gervaise is over he’s, er, Nigel is over, and it’s Gervaise, Gervaise is going to jump it, is it, no he’s jumped the wrong way, there he goes, Nigel’s over, beautifully. Now it’s only Oliver. Oliver … and Gervaise… oh bad luck. And now it’s Kicking the Beggar. (the twits are kicking a beggar with a vending tray) Simon’s there and he’s putting the boot in, and not terribly hard, but he’s going down and Simon can move on. Now Vivian’s there. Vivian is there and waiting for a chance. Here he comes, oh a piledriver, a real piledriver, and now Simon’s on No. l, Vivian 2, Nigel 3, Gervaise on 4 and Oliver bringing up the rear. Ah there’s Oliver (Oliver is still trying to jump the matchboxes), there’s Oliver now, he’s at the back. I think he’s having a little trouble with his old brain injury, he’s going to have a go, no, no, bad luck, he’s up, he doesn’t know when he’s beaten, this boy, he doesn’t know when he’s winning either. He doesn’t have any sort of sensory apparatus. Oh there’s Gervaise (He is still kicking the beggar) and he’s putting the boot in there and he’s got the beggar down and the steward’s giving him a little bit of advice, yes, he can move on now, he can move on to the Hunt Photograph. He’s off, Gervaise is there and Oliver’s still at the back having trouble with the matchboxes. (the twits approach a table with two attractive girls and a photographer) Now here’s the Hunt Ball Photograph and the first here’s Simon, he’s going to enjoy a joke with Lady Arabella Plunkett. She hopes to go into films, and Vivian’s through there and, er, Nigel’s there enjoying a joke with Lady Sarah Pencil Farthing Vivian Streamroller Adams Pie Biscuit Aftershave Gore Stringbottom Smith. (shot of twit in a sports car reversing into cut-out of old woman) And there’s, there’s Simon now in the sports car, he’s reversed into the old woman, he’s caught her absolutely beautifully. Now he’s going to accelerate forward there to wake up the neighbour. There’s Vivian I think, no Vivian’s lost his keys, no there’s Vivian, he’s got the old woman, slowly but surely right in the midriff, and here he is. Here he is to wake up the neighbour now. (a man in bed in the middle of the pitch; twit slams car door repeatedly) Simon right in the lead, comfortably in the lead, but he can’t get this neighbour woken up. He’s slamming away there as best he can. He’s getting absolutely no reaction at all. There, he’s woken him up and Simon’s through. Here comes Vivian, Vivian to slam the door, and there we are back at the Hunt Ball, I think that’s Gervaise there, that’s Gervaise going through there, and here, here comes Oliver, brave Oliver. Is he going to make it to the table, no I don’t think he is, yes he is, (Oliver falls over the table) he did it, ohh. And the crowd are rising to him there,and there I can see, who is that there, yes that’s Nigel, Nigel has woken the neighbour – my God this is exciting. Nigel’s got very excited and he’s going through and here comes Gervaise. Gervaise, oh no this is, er, out in the front there is Simon who is supposed to insult the waiter and he’s forgotten. (Simon runs past a waiter standing with a tray) And Oliver has run himself over, (Oliver lying in front of car) what a great twit! And now here comes Vivian, Vivian to insult the waiter, and he is heaping abuse on him, and he is humiliating him, there and he’s gone into the lead. Simon’s not with him, no Vivian’s in front of him at the bar. (the twits each have several goes at getting under a bar of wood five feet off the ground) Simon’s got to get under this bar and this is extremely difficult as it requires absolutely expert co-ordination between mind and body. No Vivian isn’t there. Here we go again and Simon’s fallen backwards. Here’s Nigel, he’s tripped, Nigel has tripped, and he’s under and Simon fails again, er, here is Gervaise, and Simon is through by accident. Here’s Gervaise to be the last one over, there we are, here’s Nigel right at the head of the field, (the twits approach five rabbits staked out on the ground; they fire at them with shotguns) and now he’s going to shoot the rabbit, and these rabbits have been tied to the ground, and they’re going to be a bit frisky, and this is only a one-day event. And they’re blazing away there. They’re not getting quite the results that they might, Gervaise is in there trying to bash it to death with the butt of his rifle, and I think Nigel’s in there with his bare hands, but they’re not getting the results that they might, but it is a little bit misty today and they must be shooting from a range of at least one foot. But they’ve had a couple of hits there I think, yes, they’ve had a couple of hits, and the whole field is up again and here they are. (they approach a line of shopwindow dummies each wearing only a bra) They’re coming up to the debs, Gervaise first, Vivian second, Simon third. And now they’ve got to take the bras off from the front, this is really difficult, this is really the most, the most difficult part of the entire competition, and they’re having a bit of trouble in there I think, they’re really trying now and the crowd is getting excited, and I think some of the twits are getting rather excited too. (the twits are wreaking havoc on the dummies) Vivian is there, Vivian is coming through, Simon’s in second place, and, no there’s Oliver, he’s not necessarily out of it. There goes Nigel, no he’s lost something, and Gervaise running through to this final obstacle. (they approach a table with five revolvers laid out on it) Now all they have to do here to win the title is to shoot themselves. Simon has a shot. Bad luck, he misses. Nigel misses. Now there’s Gervaise, and Gervaise has shot himself – Gervaise is Upperclass Twit of the Year. There’s Nigel, he’s shot Simon by mistake, Simon is back up and there’s Nigel, Nigel’s shot himself: Nigel is third in this fine and most exciting Upperclass Twit of the Year Show I’ve ever seen. Nigel’s clubbed himself into fourth place. (three coffins on stand with medals) And so the final result: The Upperclass Twit of the Year – Gervaise Brook-Hampster of Kensington and Weybridge; runner up – Vivian Smith-Smythe-Smith of Kensington; and third – Nigel Incubator-Jones of Henley. Well there’ll certainly be some car door slamming in the streets of Kensington tonight.

Not sure whether this is satire or a policy announcement!

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Government Considers Bringing Back The Workhouse funny satire story

Thursday, 30 August 2012

A leaked government document has revealed the coalitions plans to reduce our countries benefits bill.

The solution? Bung the poor and needy into newly established workhouses.

Government officials reckon all the UK’s economic problems would be solved if everyone on job seekers allowance and housing benefit were forced into modern day workhouses.

One Tory minister claims that since the demise of UK manufacturing there are plenty of factories standing idle so why not put the idle in these factories and make them work 23 hours a day doing menial tasks such as cleaning rich peoples shoes.

Another Tory minister told us, in confidence, “Too many idle buggers are living off the state in luxurious houses with things like hot running water, doors and windows. Frankly it has to stop. Stick them in a workhouse and we all benefit, pardon the pun. It would reduce the benefits bill significantly and also free up loads of housing so my friends and I can increase our property portfolios. Personally if I had my way I’d just have them all shot but apparently that’s not allowed. Bloody do-gooders have ruined this country.”

A number of Tory MP’s have proposed using the unemployed to build a third runway at Heathrow airport to keep construction costs down.

It is believed that Edwina Currie is poised for a return to government once her peerage has gone through and she will be in charge of the new workhouses or “Shit Storers” as some Tories have suggested as a name.

We attempted to speak to the Prime Minister regarding this issue but he was unavailable as he is currently on his weekly six day break in Tuscany.

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DWP announces Living Dead initiative

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In another landmark policy innovation, Iain “Dunkem in a river” Smith, and Chris “18 miles is too far to travel home” Grayling are to reclassify the sick and disabled as the living dead.   “As dead people have no legal rights, benefit payments can be dropped; they can’t sue us for discrimination, and we can tax their estates.”  Stated Grayling, from one of his numerous London properties.   He added.  “People do not pay National Insurance to Insure the Nation, they pay National Insurance to subsidise high-rate  taxpayers like millionaires David Cameron and Gideon Osborne, so they can carry on doing work experience and practicing compassionate conservatism.”

“Before the introduction of benefits, there weren’t any poor unemployed or disabled people. Mostly, they simply died, leaving the rich, self-proclaimed, and self-appointed elite to carry on without the silly need for compassion, welfare or collecting tax from Libor fixing Money Launderers. The few sick or infirm were either our kind of disabled (i.e., Edwina Currie fancied them), or they joined a travelling freak show.” Added Grayling from his taxpayer funded flat.  “Our aim with the Living Dead initiative is to return to this simpler time, if someone can be classed as Living Dead, then, we have no need to pay them the exorbitant rate of benefits.  This way we have more money available, so I don’t have to travel 18 miles home from London, staying in a B&B with homosexuals, on the few weeks of the year MPs actually work.”

“We agree with the widespread concern that the WCA  [i]  is not fit for purpose.”  Stated Ian Duncan Smith from Easterhouse, the scene of his conversion to the innovative oxymoronic Compassionate Conservatism.

We see the following issues with the WCA:

“Work:  People continue to cling to outdated notions that work should pay fairly; promote health and well-being; and do something useful for society.  [ii]  In the 21st century we just cannot support state subsidised monopolies; dodgy banks; lending to PFI companies so they can charge seven times the standard rate to lease us a hospital; MPs expenses, summer breaks, etc;  AND the sick and unemployed.  Something has to give, and the common sense and compassionate approach is to reduce our spending on the corrupt and useless benefits system by reclassifying anyone poor, sick or non-Tory as the Living Dead.  It is also a lot easier to do this than collect tax from our party donors and lobbyist friends. Who being able bodied, and not suffering from debilitating mental health issues; are able to apply their Sociopathic and Psychopathic mind-sets to avoiding tax and screwing everyone else and not providing the services we pay them for.”

“Capability:  People cling to notions that to work one has to be capable.  The last two years of the Tory Coalition have proven that this is no longer a dogma.  Nick Clegg’s party has voted against the amendments his own party made to the NHS bill.   He has demonstrated that consistency of belief and effort are not needed.  Furthermore, in choosing between defending the NHS as laid out in his manifesto; voting for a budget that reduces the highest rate of tax, and later calling for a wealth tax; alongside pushing through a piss poor Lords reform agenda that no one has managed to do in 100 years, Clegg shows political insight and incapability comparable to a moose.  [iii]  Gideon Osborne has undertaken two work placements without any success.  One as electoral strategy ToryBoy has seen a massive decline in party support.  On his other paper round as chancellor, we have seen growth stagnate and debt increase.  Vince Cable and Jeremy Hunt (surely a spelling mistake) failed to deal with the expansion of Sky.  This led Sky to withdraw their bid after a little misunderstanding about voice mails was brought to light by a local left-wing and no doubt corrupt newspaper.  David Cameron is so incapable he can’t remember: that his father made money from morally reprehensible offshore tax schemes; where he left his children; or that he has blamed the opposition for over regulating and under regulating the banking sector; or that turning up at the Paralympics is about a coherent and act as the Pope attending Gay Pride.   Pob Gove can’t even add up the number of school playing fields he sold off, and even managed to sell 2000 schools to the private sector but forgot to collect the cheque.”  Clearly, capability is not needed to work in modern compassionate conservaistic Britain! However, such levels of incapability demand the finest in Private and Oxbridge education and cannot be achieved on benefits alone.  So why pay benefits to gain incapability, it only detracts from filling in our expense forms and living off Daddy’s offshore tax funds.

“We British have a fine tradition of incompetence that is best served by using government money to subsidise private education through VAT breaks, and such forward thinking schemes as GS4’s invisible security force; ATOS costing 60 million a year in contested assessments; and lending money to PFI firms ”

Not turning up for work because the building has no lifts; you are terminally ill; or suffer from hallucinations; fits; breathing problems; cancer; learning disabilities or extreme risk of suicide and self-harm; cannot stand in the way of practicing incompetence.

In addition, the DWP hit man stated.  “People using suicidal impulses as an excuse for not being able to work really need to buckle down and follow the fine example of The Lib Dems.  Their participation in the alleged coalition has been driven by suicidal urges of the most magnificent and public kind.  The kind that would make Cameron’s mate and Mental Health expert Jeremy Clarkson foam at the mouth with self-righteous indignation, er I mean compassion.  Clearly, their Conservative co-workers have not been perturbed by the Lib-Dems suicidal behaviour, so everyone else could work alongside the depressed worker without problems.”

Assessment.  With regards to assessment criteria Grayling,  noted, “Whilst we have deep disdain for any publicly funded role or department (except our nice big salaries, pensions, expenses and long holidays), we believe assessment has to made on spurious objective and numerically dodgy numbers that are pulled out of Eric Pickles’ substantial arse at great effort in order to beat the poor, the bruised, and anyone else who never voted for us (most of you in fact). In fact, we are happy to shaft people who voted for us, as once we class them as living dead, they won’t be allowed to vote anyway.”

“If you are capable of applying for the benefit in the first place, then the person is most definitely capable of work filling in forms.  Thus, the very application qualifies you for “Living Dead” status.  However, a progressive government needs to appreciate that there a definitional and pragmatic problems.”  A DWP hit man went onto say.

The rigorous documentary makers, the “Daily Hate Mail” and “The Kneejerk Conclusion on Spurious Data Sun” class the living dead anyone who claims benefits (but NOT expenses).  The living dead are sometimes hard to discern, they can be rich, claiming an MP’s salary, or on the Royal List.   These sparkly living dead are the right kind.  We aim to eliminate the wrong kind of living dead, a simple set of tests can be applied to ascertain the living dead:

1)      Where you able to fill out an ESA50 form, or find someone to do it for you? (You could get a form filling job somewhere)

2)      Are you suffering from the many fake illnesses identified by the renowned medical expert and adulterous wife beater [iv] Rod Liddle identified in the esteemed medical journal “The Sun”?  [v] (NB, this esteemed journal is not available to Merseyside readers).

3)      Can you attend an ATOS centre when threatened with removal of your benefits? (Then you are showing initiative and drive).

4)      Do you feed your own cats, rather than have them die, and then be sectioned under the mental health act?  (Then you could work in a zoo or cattery)

5)      If we leave you in your wheelchair a car park, are you able to use your mobile phone to call a relative to retrieve you and deal with your panic attack? (You could clearly work in a prison based call centre).

6)      Are you horrified to find out that a man is incapable of travelling 18 miles back to Epsom at the end of a hard day’s harassment of the sick, unemployed, and gay B*B guests?  Then this would also class you as Living Dead!  Compassion is clearly a form of capability that is much prized in modern Britain (Or so David Cameron told us via little slips of paper in our GS4 Christmas Crackers).

7)      Are you peeing on British Industry? (You are capable of working. Golden showers are a growing pastime among many sectors of the population, and you could set up as a non-unionised self-employed piss taker!)

8)      Can you use Twitter? (According to the eminent ex Nurse Nadine Dorres [vi] this means you are capable of working, unless you happen to be called Louise Mensch).

9)      Are you terminally ill?  (Then you could act as a life model for undertakers, or take part in clinical trials)

10)   Are you capable of blogging or protesting in person to protect the benefits system you spent the last years paying into. (You could help Dominique Jackson edit her articles and reply to fan letters from retired WW2 German “prison” guards).

11)   Can you use your phone? (Then you could help the newspaper run by David Cameron’s friends and ex-employees and hack into dead girl’s phones)

12)   Are you bedridden, then you could work as a bed tester in the thriving British bed industry [vii] or world-renowned  NHS hospitals [viii]

Specific exclusions can be made:

  1. Does Edwina Currie fancy you, if so we will continue to pay your benefits and increase the rate and throw in one of Chris Grayling’s spare flats.  This will keep her away from affairs with our beloved PM.
  2. Can we make a celebrity campaign from your war injuries?  For now, we won’t cut your benefits, but use you as publicity material, until such a time that ATOS tell us they have found a way of overturning Dalton Trumbo’s assessment of your injuries.
  3. You are an incredibly rich PM, then it is okay to claim DLA for your offspring, as hypocrisy was your PPE undergraduate dissertation.


Grayling went on to state that “The Living Dead come in various forms, the LD vic.. I mean clients will be set and assessed by the reputable company called ATOS.  Their state-of-the-fart computer software (Down&OutKILL), will, in an intensive 300 second question and answer session, ask the LD candidate whether they can feed a pet; use twitter; remember to bring their child home from the pub; screw the economy up further;  vote against their own amendments; or other objective tests of capability.  Through an objective assessment the pre-set target of everyone who claims and looks a bit funny and never voted Tory, or never worked for ATOS or Gs4 or A4E will be met.

[i] See BMA, Mind, everyone with a beating heart and sense of compassion

[ii] Which as we know from the famous Sociologist er we mean er Chemist, Thatcher does not exist, even in its big form.

[iii] We apologise to Moose everywhere as they are generally lovely creatures and show no inclination to get involved in politics.  If they did I am sure they would keep their election promises and not force reindeer into slave labour schemes claiming that they only work at Christmas.  Or pick on sick or disabled Mooses, reduce their berry ration; ask them to undertake a Moose Capability Assessment undertaken by Wolves.  The MCA would essentially note that if you can escape the wolf pack you are fit for Moose related activity, and if not well, you made a damn fine lunch.   Moose would probably also collect taxes from all the woodland animals in a fair and non-regressive manner and wouldn’t pump funds into Beavers and Dutch Elm Disease destroyed vast parts of the wood in the first place and called all the problems.

[vi]  Dorres does not appear to have worked as a Nurse since 1982, but can make an assessment on your work capability without the use of ATOS’s state-of-the-fart software or even meeting you!

[viii] Unless we sell them all for £2 to the man down the Bingo hall.

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Not sure if it’s satire or a policy announcement!

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Disability benefits to be replaced by medals


THE disability benefits system will be replaced by medals for things like shutting up and getting on with it, it has emerged.

Heroes don’t get pissed off

Ministers have hailed Paralympians for smashing the stereotyped view of the disabled as people who need money to do stuff.

Under the new Disability Medal Allowance system, financial support will be replaced by gold, silver, and bronze awards for not causing a fuss.

They will be awarded by Iain Duncan Smith at a weekly gala ceremony with free biscuits and disability-themed special guests like Bouncer from Neighbours, who looks like a guide dog.

A government spokesman said: “When you look at Paralympics heroes, they prove that disabled people – however debilitated they might seem –  need true grit rather than money to achieve their goals, whether that’s winning a race or simply getting to work.

“Certainly they are not to be pitied. In fact, they’re pretty much all brilliant at basketball, have massive JCVD-style biceps, and would hate to be seen sponging.

“The more medals we win, the more it proves our – their – point.

“Gold – or at least gold-plated – medals are so much more gratifying than cash, and will really get the disabled off their arses.

“Metaphorically speaking, of course, I do appreciate that some of them have trouble standing up.”

38-year-old Stephen Malley said: “I tended to spunk my disability benefits on frivolous things like wheelchairs, which is basically the same as pissing it away in the pub, so this will really help me get my act together.”

Satire: From the archives

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Funny how satire seems less satirical with the Conservatives in “power”

Tuesday 6 April 2010

Comatose workers perfectly fit for paper-weight duty, insist Doctors

New rules come into force today requiring Doctors to list jobs for which ‘sick’ workers are suitable, leading to a huge increase in the productivity of previously signed-off comatose workers.Under the previous rules, Doctors would have no option but to insist comatose employees were permanently hospitalised and subjected to 24 hour observation, but the change means doctors have the freedom to allow comatose workers to also do their bit.Sharon Bottle, 28, whose colleague Paul Raybold has been in a coma since an accident in May last year said, “I’m sure these new rules will do wonders for his self-esteem.”

“He’s been in a coma since falling down the stairs here in the office last year, so it’ll be nice for him to get back to earning his keep rather than leaching off the rest of us.”

“It might simply be a case of lying down on things we don’t want to blow away, but it’s a contribution.”

“The doctors say he’s essentially a vegetable, but if there’s a slim chance he realises that he’s contributing to stopping all these papers blowing away when someone slams a door, then I’m sure it’s all worth it.”


The new rules have been criticised for encouraging unwell people to return to work too early, and possibly inconveniencing other workers who are not suffering with any ailment or condition.

Ms Bottle continued, “We have a nurse come in twice a day to clean him up an that, but apart from that he’s no bother at all.  You sort of get used that that incessant beeping after a few hours.”

“I can only hope that if I ever find myself incapacitated like Paul, that the doctors will be kind enough to allow me to continue to contribute to the company’s ongoing success in some small way.”

“But if they could stop the graduate trainees drawing moustaches on my face like they do with Paul, then that would be great.”

Read more:

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New Raising of the School Leaving Age Initiative (ROSLA) announced

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In a move described by themselves as: radical, compassionate, and are in no way ill thought out or patronising the Tory coalition announced the Raising of the School-Leaving Age Initiative.  All 16-25 year-olds will be able to take the mandatory choice of attending such ROSLA schools, conveniently located next to prisons, large areas of social housing and in every Northern Town in the country.  No exceptions will be made unless you can demonstrate inherited wealth, and commitment to state subsidised monopolies of services.

Parents will receive £3.25 a week to support their growing children; whilst the “kids” will be expected to deliver Nosey International papers for free to every household in return for this generous, forward thinking re-education project based on the finest Think Tank sponsored knee-jerk  prejudice, spurious facts and specious reasoning.

“The fact that the worlds’ population has reached 7 billion is purely down to the British Housing Benefits system; this must be stopped, until we change our minds.”  Announced Dave “Offshore Inheritance” Cameron.  “This move will eradicate unemployment among the 16-25 year-olds overnight, and provide thousands of jobs for our outsourcing chums building new ROSLA schools and teaching vital skills for the interwebbed 21stc century Big Nanny Society” added Michael “What the hell is Lipase” Gove.  “We will also lend our PFI the money in the first place so that the assets they build costs us 6 or 7 times the going rate.”  said Gideon “Two jobs done badly are better than one done badly” Osborne. ^

The new revised OP-level * syllabus for 16-25 years-olds, developed exclusively by Michael Gove, and Dolores Umbridge includes the following highlights:


  • The new course will focus solely on the classic and timeless novels of Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman.
  • Students will be given extra credit for burning (or deleting all digital copies) of perverse literature from delusional authors such as Keynes, Mother Teresa, Rawlings, Payne, Jesus, Schumacher.


  • Text speak for courting Nosey International.
  • The alphabet stops at Plan A.
  • How Conservatives means selling everything, not preserving anything.


  • How the major religions are wrong about compassion and what it really means (bullying, scape-goating and hypocrisy).
  • How hypocrisy means what I say not what my parties donors do.
  • How Back to Basics was derailed by the feckless poor and not the libidos of Major’s Conservatives.
  • How to blame the system for your spurious expenses claims, whilst blaming the individual for claiming benefits.
  • How the world was created in seven days (available only at selected publicly funded free schools).


  • How cutting jobs actually increases tax, wealth and reduces national debt.
  • How Banks behave better when you subsidise their failures, rate fixing and money laundering.
  • How Economics is just like family finances, apart from being able to print money, and raise taxes (but not from the rich).
  • How offshore Tax strengthens the British economy.
  • The many benefits of Public subsidies of service monopolies.
  • How sacking soldiers leaves them free to secure the Olympics.
  • How a free market is best realised by closed bids from one or two favoured outsourcing Tory party donors.
  • How do write legislation that favours large workfare organisations and bankrupts those bleeding heart charities.
  • How to pick Remploy employees to carry the Olympic torch whilst sacking the rest for being feckless and disabled.


  • How the Big Society means we are all in this together (Subject to age and wealth restrictions).
  • The difference between drink fuelled destruction by Bullingdon club members and rioting.
  • How the poor increase their copulation rates the more giros they get….
  • How poor people deserve to be where they are and why stopping them from freezing, starving, being exploited and raped on the street only makes them thankless feckless and lazy.
  • How having your salary and pensions slashed when your job is outsourced increasing your motivation and well being.
  • How crime is reduced by private policemen!
  • How security is increased by outsourcing to companies that don’t provide enough staff!
  • How the hard won rights to strike cannot be applied for self-benefit if said strike conflicts with the Olympics!
  • How to work two jobs effectively! (Special lecture  by Gideon “Bullingdon” Osborne).


  • How third world nations benefit from massive inequality, and how we should mimic this.
  • Where the oil is?  Which countries have substantial oil reserves, so we know which countries rebels to support in case of war and uprising?
  • Map reading skills to avoid travelling where the rich live to avoid spoiling their view and ruining property prices… (Sponsored By Skye Geography Channel and the Daily Hate Mail).


  • Which cardboard is best for making shelters under bridges?
  • Making High Quality Tuxedos for Bullingdon Club members
  • Cleaning up the Blood, Vomit and broken glass of Bullingdon Club members
  • Boarding up then replacing windows smashed by Bullingdon Club members


  • How to rule with impunity over the plebs, regardless of the size of your majority.
  • How Liberal Democracy is best served by tabling amendments on bills and then voting against them.
  • How to blame increased welfare costs by blaming people who lost their jobs when you sacked them to further subsidise the banks that didn’t cause the problem in the first place.
  • Blaming the Euro for everything.
  • How to commit political suicide by joining a coalition!
  • Ignoring the evidence and soldering on with Plan A makes you a strong leader.
  • How U-turns show foresight, compassion and strong leadership.
  • How to register your protest about a ministers behaviour by abstaining from voting for an enquiry into his behaviour.
  • How to blame another for under- and over-regulation of the banks.


  • How to turn off a dialysis machine to see if a claimant is fit for work.
  • Helping benefit claimants stop taking their tablets so their death is hastened.
  • How Computer Software firms are the best people to assess ESA claims, not those pesky BMA members.
  • Stigmatisation of Mental Health Service Users as a cure!
  • How to beat up those with learning disabilities :@


  • Country Suppers on a tight millionaire’s budget.
  • Choosing the best pub to leave your child in.
  • Making a meal last a fourteen hour long jubilee celebration enforced work shift.
  • Making your food stamps last.
  • How not to ask Sir for more!
  • Picking the weevils out of your government approved food parcel.
  • Money Laundering 101. (Sponsored by the World’s Favoured Bank).


  • How brave Tories fought against the European tyranny of Universal Welfare and free Healthcare.
  • 1997-2010 the Wasters years.
  • The Labour party induced Economic crisis, and how Bankers saved the world.


New Big Society mathematics provides insight into well-known mathematical paradoxes such as:

  • How to save 2 billion by ignoring 5billion in avoided tax and screwing the young.
  • How cutting the number of jobs actually increases employment.
  • How cutting spending increases the budget deficit.
  • How collecting tax increases teen horniness.


  • Choosing construction projects that benefit the rich traveller.
  • The best bridge designs for sleeping under.
  • Competitive U-turns on Aircraft Carrier Design.
  • How to harness free energy from the spinning graves of Beveridge, Lloyd-George, Asquith and countless others.


  • How the Niger delta benefits from Oil spills.
  • How green power is a poor substitute for real power once you are elected.
  • Are Abstinence or Sterilisation, the only choices for the poor, young and feckless.
  • How to teen horniness is increased by welfare benefits.
  • The Biological basis for the inferiority of Mud Bloods and Muggles.

* new practical OP-level element will involve practical ball breaking exercises, saving a fortune in pills, condoms and avoid messy ethical debates about enforced sterilisation of the young.


  • How to further deregulate Nosey International.
  • How to forget key details of country suppers (TM Nosey International) and other important details and events.
  • How to recall very little about the job you just got £2 million for leaving!
  • How to divert attention away from failing policies, U-turns, expenses scandals, corruption, incompetence by pitting the quite poor against the really poor.
  • Using the Daily Hate Mail and Torygraph for mature level headed policy debates.
  • How to brag to journalists about: cash for access; and “getting” Murdoch.
  • Congratulating your friend by text message that you are overseeing his bid for a monopoly!
  • How owning porn channels allows you to undertake double standards in the Newspapers and Magazines you also own.


  • Using Twitter for mature level headed policy debates.
  • How to use private email to avoid freedom of information requests.
  • How to hack email accounts, hospital records and mobile phones, (whether the victim is alive or dead).
  • How to celebrate Alan Turing whilst opposing further equality measures for non-heterosexuals (because your party donors say so).

“Young people following this curriculum will have the levels of awareness, morality, and critical reflection needed to survive in the Big Nanny Globalised Society.”  Said Dolores Umbridge.
“The Big Society ROSLA initiative will be open to all 16-25 year olds depending on their parent’s ability to buy their way out of the scheme.”

Two new Ministers (Adam Sutler and Peter Creedy) have been appointed to oversee the ROSLA initiative.  Contracts to tender for these services will be made available on an impartial basis.  For details, please send a SAE and a cheque for £250,000 to Tory HQ.


^ The Tories failed to win a majority in 2010, and have failed to cut the deficit, or repair the economy.

* OP stands for Over-subsidised Plebs

:@ A vital skill in privatised social care.

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