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Dear Ms Leadsom.

My patriotism does not employ French and American firms to harass the sick and disabled. To support a regime that has driven hundreds to suicide.
My patriotism does not argue whether someone should lead and party or country based on whether she has had children.
My patriotism does not sell off the NHS’s blood plasma service to American vulture capitalists who then sell it on to the Chinese.
My patriotism does not sell state assets to firms owned by foreign governments whilst saying the state can’t run anything.
My patriotism does claim to fight for British interests whilst maintaining a poor voting record in the EU parliament.
My patriotism does not sell weapons to Wahhabist Islamo-Fascists and then use their deviant offspring’s acts of terror to revoke Human Rights.
My patriotism does not create lies about 45 minutes from mass destruction to invade a country; slaughter its civilians; and leave weapons in the hands of the army.
My patriotism does not promote economic illiteracy such as printing 360 billion and giving it to the people who crashed the economy; the economy being the same as a household budget; that markets have perfect knowledge of the future.
My patriotism does not blame the previous government for a global economic crash and the proceed to double the national debt, reduce growth wages, our international credit rating.
My patriotism does not give a German Descended woman married to a Greek immigrant 375 million to do up her house, whist refusing to install sprinklers in high risk high rise buildings.
My patriotism does not systematically reduce the staffing, equipment and pay of the very people who serve to protect us such as the Police, FIre, Military, coast guard and NHS
My patriotism does not demonise the sick and disabled after having claimed DLA for a child and father, thousands on expenses, whilst hiding millions in offshore funds.
My patriotism does not threaten to remove the children of fire survivors because they refuse alternative accommodation 200 miles away.
My patriotism does not whip up hatred against the welfare state whilst awarding yourself a 11% pay rise and continuing to abuse expenses.
My patriotism boycotts newspapers that avoid paying taxes whilst whipping up hatred against, the sick, the disabled, the poor, the foreign whilst hacking thousands of people’s phones. Including the phone off a murdered child.
My patriotism does not employ a newspaper editor responsible for hacking the phone of a murdered child in a key position in government.
My patriotism does not involve becoming the godfather to a Foreign-born media mogul’s child. A mogul responsible for demonising a whole UK city; hacking phones; and contributing to ongoing subjugation of women to mere sexual objects via page three.
My patriotism does not involve stripping bursaries off people who wish to become nurses.
My patriotism does not involved asset stripping the NHS to reward party donors.
My patriotism does not knight a known pervert who has systematically raped children.
My patriotism doesn’t reduce the South Atlantic Fleet, try and sell weapons to the Argentinians and then proclaim attempts at peaceful resolution unpatriotic.
My patriotism does not print lies about 350 million for the NHS on the side of buses.
My patriotism does not break electoral law by busing in supporters to campaign, or pay people to canvas whilst pretending to be marketing staff.
My patriotism does not involve spreading lies about a Gandhi foundation peace prize winner and then going into a coalition with proven terrorist sympathisers, with a political agenda shaped by creationism
My patriotism does not refer to refugees as cockroaches when they flee wars we are responsible for starting and maintaining via our dealing with the Saudis.
My patriotism does not invoke Nazi slogans against unemployed graduates or Muslims
My patriotism does not whip up fervour and support for Troops and send them into barely planned wars with poorly functioning equipment, no plan or exit-strategy.
My patriotism does not question the patriotism of others for asking the simple questions “How is our national defence or interest served by fighting in wars that lead to massive instability in the Middle East?”

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  1. June 24, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    Excellently said. Those appalling people get worse and worse and make me ashamed to be the same race.

  2. jay
    June 24, 2017 at 6:00 pm

    Well said. Samuel Johnson’s comment came to mind when I heard her rake out this question avoidance strategy.

  3. June 24, 2017 at 8:00 pm

    Reblogged this on sdbast.

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