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Petition: Give the public and parliament more say on new laws



Brexit means laws previously written in Brussels will be written in Westminster instead. But does that mean we’ll get proper, democratic votes in parliament? Or will we just swap murky backroom deals in Brussels for murky backroom deals in Westminster? If we want proper votes on law changes after Brexit, we’re going to need to fight for them.

An influential committee of MPs is looking right now at how law-making works after Brexit. [2] One of the options on the table is to hand huge powers to the government to by-pass parliament and write new laws behind closed doors. That’d mean Theresa May, and any future prime minister, would be free to change rules which affect all of us, without proper debate.

The committee’s inquiry closes in 48 hours. Let’s send them a clear message: after Brexit, British laws should be decided by proper votes in parliament.

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