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On Tax Credits

Tax Credits. This is one small victory. However I find myself asking where was the groundswell of opposition to the introduction of the: Work Capability Assessment regime; the cuts to ESA-WRAG for the sick and disabled from 100 to 70 a week; the sanctions against people with terminal illnesses; and the sanctions against the unemployed when there is a 4 to 1 ratio of job seekers to official vacancies.

We have numbers of sick and disabled comparable to other “Western” economies,and our already piss poor system is driving people to suicide. How many is too many? One is too many.

The value judgement that appears to me being made is that the sick and disabled do not deserve our support as a population, and that our efforts should be solely based around hard working people. Very very few terminally ill people can work hard, lives devastated by a range of illnesses, generally don’t involve hard work.

People’s silence on these matters, alongside the general blinkered and callous nature of the Tories are what led the government to lie and introduce proposed tax credit cuts. So many people have stood by whilst a draconian regime has introduced policies that kill people, the Tories thought they could get away with it again,.

This is not the end of this. They will try again, and they will introduce further anti-democratic measures as a way of screwing over any one who didn’t inherit money.

You can sit around thinking oh my Tax Credits are safe, or you can fight back for everyone.

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  1. jay
    October 28, 2015 at 7:23 pm

    Work capability assessments and other measures like sanctions were preceded by a swathe of propaganda to encourage the belief that multitudes of workshy individuals were living in luxury off the state. The softening up process wasn’t used for the hacking at in work benefits. Those who bought into the first myth thought they were basking in the sunshine of Cam/Os approval. Its that old thing about fooling all of the people some of the time etc.

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