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The insidious chaos of the ‘Free Schools’ experiment and how to stop it.

The World Turned Upside Down

o-MICHAEL-GOVE-VOODOO-PINCUSHION-570 (1)Under the Tories, the Free School experiment will go on unabated. 400 have been created since 2010, another 49 were announced yesterday, and Cameron is promising another 500 should, God forbid, the Tories be elected in May.

It’s pretty damn obvious what their agenda is. The Tories aim is to break up comprehensive, publicly funded education and make it safe for private interests. Softly, softly at first, but nonetheless determined to achieve their goal. Just as the privatisation of the NHS started with the introduction of the internal market (a Tory initiative which New Labour enthusiastically promoted), Free Schools are just the thin end of a bigger wedge.

It could be argued, of course, that the dam had already been breached. The Academy Schools programme, New Labour’s showpiece, introduced many of the ideas (of self management, of independent financial structures and outsourced education provision) which Free Schools are merely…

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