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The lies that smashed the unions and destroyed our coal industry

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So now we know that Margaret Thatcher lied about the scale of her attack on the British mining industry.

She told the country that only 20 pits were to be closed, when in secret she and National Coal Board chief Ian Macgregor had planned to close no less than 75.

The revelation vindicates then-National Union of Mineworkers’ leader Arthur Scargill, who claimed at the time that there was a “secret hit-list” of more than 70 pits marked for closure.

Documents released under what used to be called the Thirty Year Rule show that under the plan, two-thirds of Welsh miners would become redundant, a third of those in Scotland, almost half of those in north east England, half in South Yorkshire and almost half in the South Midlands. The entire Kent coalfield would close.

The workforce was to be cut by about a third, from 202,000 to 138,000.

Thatcher went…

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  1. jed goodright
    January 3, 2014 at 9:55 pm

    This for me just confirms that all governments over the last 30 years have been engaged in the deliberate removal of the fabric of this country – whether openly or by deceit.I was very ‘active’ during the miners strike and was aware of the damage being done to whole communities by the vicious cunt Thatcher and her bully boys. the lies, the intimidation, the lies, the intimidation. What we see today – where disabled people can kill themselves and it’s okay with IDS – where people can be ruined by being sanctioned by the DWP – where homeless people can just die – where food banks for the poor are seen as a joke – where flood defences are being removed because the DoE wants to save money – where Cameron wants to censor the internet – where torys want to do away with the Human Rights legislation – where Britain is becoming a two nation state of haves and have not where different rules apply to each and so on – I am angry but not extraordinary so – it just makes the fight harder

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