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David Cameron’s Lies Exposed!

Think Left

David Cameron’s Lies Exposed!

By Gracie Samuels, previously published here

On this page I am going to try and accumulate all Cameron’s lies (I know, I know it is a mammoth task and a dirty job – but someone’s got to do it!) I just hope I don’t run out of space! You can’t leave posts on this page like on the main blog page, however, if you wish me to include a particular lie, or think I may have missed one  please email me on gracie.samuels@hushmail.com  or just leave it in a post on the main page in the latest blog and I’ll transfer it over here. 

David Cameron’s Tory led government is guilty of disinformation, he and his cronies are deliberately misleading the people of this country.

How can we trust and believe a single word that David Cameron utters any more?

Disinformation Defined – Deliberately misleading information announced publicly or leaked by a…

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