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Immigration, economics and Ukip

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With Ukip’s present success in the opinion polls, and with the local elections on Thursday, it is bad timing that their Immigration Policy, one of the policies most associated with them as a party, is currently undergoing a review and update (18.04.13). Unfortunately, there is an Observer report of Ukip in chaos over policy on eve of key poll, ‘herding cats’ and proposals to buy off-the-shelf policies.

Michael Burke’s evidence-based assessment might be helpful with regard to one of their ‘principles’ on which the detailed policy will be based.  This involves future immigration being allowed where it can clearly be shown to benefit the British people as a whole and our economy.  As you can read below, Michael Burke’s evidence indicates that:

‘The cause of migration is growth, to which migration is a decisive contributor.  The consequence is stronger growth.’

So a bit of a conundrum for any party advocating both…

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