Chances are you’ve heard of the ‘bedroom tax’, or the ‘under-occupancy’ sanction to give it its government name. But you might not have heard of the various ways in which this policy, which comes into force in April, will impact upon people – ways which make it a glaring example of this government’s programme of ‘planned misery’ aimed at punishing people for the ‘crime’ of needing support.

The Premise

The government’s logic on which the bedroom tax is based are as follows:

  • There is a shortage of social, council and low-cost housing
  • People are ‘blocking’ housing by staying in properties which are bigger than they need
  • People need to be ‘encouraged’ to go through the pain and inconvenience of a move to a smaller property
  • This will ‘liberate’ the larger houses

Of course, it might seem a much better solution – especially when the economy is in desperate need of…

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