Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s coalition Britain today!)

So is this is what Cameron meant by his Big Society?

Our children being forced to work as prostitutes or as drug couriers for gangsters.

On the government website Directgov – jobs and services are offered to the unemployed by so-called bone fide employers who are supposed to have been vetted.

The job offers include this one from ‘Loaded TV’ (click to enlarge):

government porn job

A bit of research shows that this is a job being advertised for female ‘models to work as ‘presenters’ on Bluebird Channel’s ‘Live Babe Shows’.

This is basically a live porn show where women lie around half-naked and talk by phone to men who presumably masturbate during the conversation.

Remember – this ‘job’ is advertised on a government website where all ’employers’ are supposed to have been vetted.

Another job offer is this one advertising for ‘international couriers’ (click to enlarge):

government gangster job


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