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Carers Rights Day 30 Nov 2012


Carers Rights Day is all about getting information to carers – we know that it can take years for people to find out about their rights as a carer and the support available to them.

Each year Carers UK organises the Carers Rights Day to:

  • Increase the take up of benefits – it’s estimated that millions of carers’ benefits aren’t claimed each year.
  • Make sure carers know their rights – every year, more than 2 million people become carers, many don’t identify themselves as carers and miss out on support. Even those who have been caring for years sometimes aren’t aware of their entitlements.
  • Guide carers towards practical support – it’s not just about benefits. Carers often do not realise practical support is available, like replacement care to give the carer time off, help with lifting and bathing, equipment and home adaptations that can be vital in protecting carers’ health.
  • Raise awareness of the needs of carers – Carers Rights Day raises awareness of the needs of carers with the public, decision makers and professionals.

Over 700 local groups register each year and alongside their work across the country, Carers UK releases new research to illustrate the importance of carers accessing advice, information and support as early as possible.

Carers Rights Day 2012: Getting help in tough times

In 2012 Carers Rights Day is taking place on Friday 30th November and the theme is ‘Getting help in tough times’, focussing on helping carers:

  • Find financial help.
  • Get a helping hand.
  • Make the most of technology.

At a time of rising living costs, salary freezes and job losses many families are struggling across the UK. But families affected by illness and disabilities are often the hardest hit, as they struggle with the additional costs of caring and lost earnings; and now face the risk of cuts to essential services and benefits.

These tough times mean that there has never been a more important time for carers to know their rights, and access all the support they are entitled to. Carers Rights Day is about getting carers the information and advice they need to claim benefits, access practical support and find out how technology can help take the pressure off.

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