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Mental Health Foundation: Today is World Mental Health Day

The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day is Depression: A Global Crisis.

Around 350 million people globally are already affected by depression and the World Health Organisation estimate it will be the single biggest burden of disease in the world by 2030.

Today, the World Federation for Mental Health is promoting the message that:
  • Depression is a treatable illness and recovery is possible and achievable
  • Depression is not a sign of weakness – it’s a mental health disorder that prevents people from having a normal life
  • It’s the most predominant and costly mental health challenge for people of working-age
  • All countries should be aiming to develop resilience to depression
  • More research into mental health is needed to increase the understanding of mental disorders and develop more effective responses.
The Mental Health Foundation fully supports this campaign and much of our work is helping to achieve and share the same messages. All year round we have the key facts and figures on mental health including depression. We talk with people on social media to increase knowledge and understanding of mental health and how to reduce the associated stigma.

We’ve developed some really useful resources for today including advice on how to manage your mental health and our Chief Executive Andrew McCulloch has written a blog about the future of Mental Health.

We’re also being joined by The Samaritans and Black Dog Tribe in supporting Rethink Your Mind, a national creative project that challenges everyone to produce poems, artwork and photography around the theme of mental health. The entries will be showcased on the Rethink Your Mind website.

Thousands of people all across the UK are marking today by holding a Tea & Talk event – getting together with friends for a chat and and raising money for mental health. However you decide to mark World Mental Health Day we hope you help us to spread the message and join in to help everyone live mentally healthier lives and reduce the stigma around mental health problems.

To join the debate and find out more facts, stories and tips, check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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