I’d started a commentary on the article in the Torygraph and may yet finish it. Skywalker beat me to it in the blogging cycle though


A week ago, before the Paralympics had started, I warned that David Cameron’s Tories were going to use even the Paralympics as a weapon to turn the screw in their assault on disabled people. Cameron’s pronouncements about how inspiring he finds Paralympians were more than just the predictable attempt to improve his own public standing by indulging in some ‘reflected glory’ bathing.

They were a signal – a primer for his adapted tactics to cope with, and then to exploit, the incredible achievements we’re seeing during the Paralympics and their effect on public perception and feeling.

I’d love to have been wrong, but sure enough the campaign has already begun – and true to form, the Tories are enlisting their friends in the right-wing media to start planting the poisonous seed-thoughts they hope will grow and contaminate public opinion so that the government can continue to push…

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