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if they can do it so can you

After reading snippets of Cameron’s comments at the opening of the Paralympics, it would appear that our dear leader subscribes to some kind “Law of Attraction” like nonsense.   With statements like “if they can do it so can you” implying you can do anything if you just try hard enough.  Having been through a CBT course recently (finally after years of on and off depressive bouts) I appreciate the value of being able to turn around thoughts.  Something I have always tried to do, but now have a richer and tested toolkit to do so.  But a major insight from that process for myself was that optimism and ambitions I could never fulfil are as damaging as unwarranted pessimism.

So can you cheat death by putting your mind to it?  Can you win a parliamentary majority if you put your mind to it?  Can you reduce the deficit if you put your mind to it?  Can you form a coalition with a party famed for its nastiness and retain your liberal values and the same portion of the vote?  Can you find an exist strategy for Afghanistan, that protects the innocent,and stops the Taliban from rising again?  Can you protect the innocent as Syria or Libya descend or descended into civil war?  Can you find a humane way of getting the masses of unemployed back into meaningful, productive valuable secure jobs that doesn’t across as bullying at best and slavery at worst?    Can you outsource security to a two bit firm and not have to draft in the police and army to cover them when they fail?

If they can’t do it so can’t you?

How does putting your mind to it work, is it truly value free? If I thought hard enough, and tried hard enough could I make Cameron’s left nostril hair set on fire using a banjo a banana and three rolls of gaffer tape?    Doubtful, but maybe I could get a outsourced contract to investigate this.

If I put my mind to it could I envisage a UK where people were valued intrinsically, where we don’t pretend that 0.5% of fraudulent claims for benefits mean that any anyone claiming a benefit is a scrounger.  Where we find dignified and meaningful ways of providing training and experience for NEETS, and the others without work.  That we can find a way of supporting people through all of their life circumstances, both positive and negative.

But try as I might I cannot imagine a UK parliament where over 50% of the last parliament did not have to pay back fraudulently claimed expenses.  Where a cabinet is not dominated by privately educated millionaire Oxbridge graduates .    Nor can I think of a situation where a government composed of two parties neither of which gained enough seats for a majority and think okay, lets not over reach our mandate, lets listen to a range of views, not just those who donate to our funds and see what we can do….

Is that a lack of effort on my part?

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