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Communications Blockade – ATOS

Hermann St.John
Glasgow Against-Atos
Please share for Tuesday. Important and easy action against some very disgusting people.

Communications Blockade – ATOS

Thursday 30th August

Block Atos’s communications by email and fax to cost them money. It’s the only thing they care about. Contact the Head Office, the CEO and the office nearest to you. Free faxes can be sent from this website:

Suggested Email/Fax:

Subject: Atos – Stop Making Profits From The Sick And Disabled

Dear Sir/Madam,
Your sister company Atos Healthcare makes profits by carrying out Work Capability Assessments for the the DWP on the sick and disabled. Studies have shown these assessments to be highly inaccurate. Over 70% of Atos decisions declaring sick and disabled people as ‘fit for work’ are overturned on appeal, with the help of an advice centre, which the public have to pay for. Both Channel 4’s Dispatches and BBC’s Panorama programmes shown recently exposed the brutal reality of Work Capability Assessments. It has been shown that Atos set targets of passing only 12 to 13% as unfit for work. The process is driven by cost cutting not objective medical opinion. The Government with the help of Atos are cutting benefits to reduce the public debt caused by bankers gambling on the financial markets. The most vulnerable in society are being made to pay for the greed of bankers and the inevitable booms and busts of capitalist economics.

Please pass this message on to your bosses: Stop making profits from the sick and disabled.

UK Head Office:
020 7830 4445 (Fax)


Local Offices:

Fax 01264 835556

Fax 0121 6275300

Fax 01454 284567

Fax 01223 583300

Fax 0161 6018889

Fax 01384 448499

Fax 0113 3906137

Fax 01418 480660

Fax 0151 4782777

Fax 01506 410645

Fax 0115 943 1013

Fax 01928 571646

Fax 01625 884445

Other actions and events:

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